Canadian Heroes

Land Acquisition For Our Retreat

Okay Canada cross your fingers and toes, we are in a great position to acquire over 100 acres of land in the Timmins area in the next month!

This land will in turn be used for our camp/retreat, a place soldiers,veterans, front-line responders, families can go and relax, have a campfire, watch the stars, or anything one can think of on such a huge chunk of land!

Do you like snowmobiling?

The ski-doo trail goes right by the property, hows that for luck!

We need to start to to collect names of volunteers that would like to use the land and also help out with our never ending work parties to clear the land, build a cabin, trails, etc…

Donations of everything are needed as well, if you are interested in helping out please let us know by sending us an email.

Let the fun begin!