My Ultimate Gift

My Cousin whom served in World War 1 made the ultimate sacrifice with his life for our country and his body was never found. His name though lives on for eternity with his name on the Vimy Memorial.  Yesterday our Prime Minister visited the Vimy Memorial and his picture was taken as he touched soldiers names on the memorial, and when I saw the picture I knew that the PM was right were my cousins name was, it was a serene and proud moment when I saw that.   Our Canadian Government has the Casualty Identification Program for relatives that would like to register in the chance that at some point their relative that died during the war and body was never found, might be able to identify any remains that are found in future excavations in the areas of were the battles were fought through DNA matching.  Today I registered myself for this program and am notifying others in my family as well, so that possibly at some point maybe a hundred years from now some future family member might be contacted with news that they found his body. Today as I write this I am in Hamilton, Ontario Canada, sitting on the same land that my family farmed. Later I am going to visit his parents that are buried just a few miles away in Hamilton as well.  Today I got to make my Ultimate gift for his Ultimate sacrifice.

A new addition to Canadian Heroes Memorial Vehicle #10

The names of the fallen in Afghanistan have been added to this truck bed cap on CH#10.

Robin has made an incredible addition to CH#10, with the names of the fallen on the truck bed cap, make sure you take a look if you see him, I challenge you to read each and every name of our fallen heroes….

Computer Equipment Donation to Iroquois Falls Library

Boxing up computer equipment that is heading to Iroquois Falls Library!

We are celebrating Victoria Day tonight by boxing up computer equipment that city councillor Betty Lou Purdon (Mother of Veteran of Afghanistan and Kuwait) from Iroquois Falls will be coming to pickup up in the morning and taking back home. Monitors, Mice, and Keyboards will all find a new home and be put to good use by the residents of Iroquois Falls, Ontario. Further donations will be ready for her next visit as well!