Canadian Heroes Memorial Vehicle #18


Some further work on CH#18. Brent Schriner indicated he has an idea to put 2 soldiers he did a tour with on that we lost due to the tragic side effects of PTSD, this battle they lost at home. We did a video call tonight and talked about this. I absolutely love this idea, I don’t think we talked about this before, maybe years back, but never did anything…..until now. The rear pillar and quarter panel will be a place that we “talk” more about PTSD, this will be our first memorial vehicle that carries more than our traditional messaging, but in a way it is the same…..remembering….honouring….The two that we lost will be honoured there. Some of our usual wording will be deleted and replaced with words describing the battle lost due to PTSD. Brent has a phrase that we will put there. My mind started the usual dreaming and visualization of a “flow” and story-line. Stay tuned, and also please share any ideas that you may have, after all this battle we are all in together…..