Canadian Heroes

Afghanistan Interpreters That Helped Our Troops

A week ago we started to look into the Afghanistan Interpreters that were with our troops and helped them out so much saving their lives along the way with out a doubt with their local knowledge and lay of the land.

The interpreting services that these people provided with our troops was an enormous help and one that can never be repaid. We can’t imagine what the outcome would’ve have been if we didn’t have their knowledge and support.

A small group of them on the run from the Taliban have fled to other Countries leaving their families behind due to death threats.

Today I met with one that was shot by the Taliban but was fortunate enough to come to Canada. His wife though is still not here in Canada.

He told me of two more that he knew which are in hiding which brings the total to 6 now.

These men were “Honourary Canadians” the moment they signed up to help us out and it is imperative that we do everything in our power to bring them here to Canada.

We certainly do not want a world-wide reputation of turning our backs on those that helped us out in Afghanistan, this is quickly turning into a national and world-wide embarrassment.

Please share this story and ask your MP what they are going to do about it, we are compiling a dossier on the 4 that we know about, and will forward this to Federal Government M.P’s when completed.

They may be born in another country but they are “Canadian Heroes” for their actions.