Canadian Heroes Memorial Vehicle #17

Ask anyone whom has been involved in one of the Canadian Heroes Foundation Memorial Vehicles, and they will tell you it is a very long, and carefully thought out process. So much so that when our main wrap shop got sold to new owners We had to stop giving them our business because they simply did not care enough to put the effort and discipline that was needed into designing any more of our vehicles. Here is a picture that I can guarantee will make it onto CH#17, of our founder-Chris Ecklund. This will be an extremely personal and emotional one, as it will really hit home as it has his ancestors on it. Brent Schriner travelled to Vimy and paid his respects to his 1st Cousin J.L. Bowyer. This picture will be in a very prominent location. There might even be a stand alone vehicle just for Vimy Ridge itself…..and we have the perfect license plate already for it. Hill 145