The ongoing hunt for the Canadian Heroes retreat property

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Enjoying all that mother nature has to offer on a local snowmobile trail.

As you know we have been looking for years now for that right chunk of land or cabin to serve as our retreat, a place that front line responders, veterans, active members and families can go to relax, share stories and experiences, enjoy mother nature and all of its healing qualities.

We have always said mother nature is at times the best doctor, trees, rock, water, and being with those that have shared what we have been through, throw in some fishing, snowmobiling and other outdoor activities and we have something that all can experience to help the healing of PTSD related issues.

We have been looking at one property for months now and just talked with the real estate agent that has the listing.

It has a lot of what we are looking for but we will need Canadians to come together and make it even better for our needs, so if you are a trades person or just willing to share a hand as we mentioned beforehand, we can use your help!

The asking price is more than what we have in the bank, so the agent is calling the owner to see if he will help us out in achieving our goal.

Cross your fingers Canada, wouldn’t it be nice if we could make the announcement on Canada Day!?

UPDATE JUNE 26 2017   No Joy Canada the seller would not budge on his set price.

UPDATE  AUGUST 4 2017  We have another piece of property that we are looking at, and have made an offer on it, cross your fingers!