Hill 70

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I will be honest, its hard to see the keyboard as I write this article as my eyes have welled up with tears.

Today is the dedication of the monument at Hill 70 in France, a battle that is historic in so many ways for all Canadians.

Its also an extremely personal one for myself as I lost a cousin there, he was killed in action on his 22nd birthday.

I also had an uncle injured on the very same day there as well.

My grandfather was also there, he survived but died in the next war at Normandy.

After the battle for Hill 70 was over we suffered 9198 Casualties.

I write this article actually from the very piece of land that my family owned and farmed, walking on it and remembering.

It is my honour to announce to all Canadians that the memory of those brave soldiers lost will never be forgotten but will in fact be a major part of our next memorial vehicle, one that will replace my personal vehicle that has been on the road now for 6 years and has been all over North America.

Canadian Heroes Memorial Vehicle CH#1 is soon to be retired, and our next being CH#15 will have pictures of the monument on it and be a special vehicle like many of our others have been with a special theme so all can see, remember and honour our injured, serving and fallen heroes.

Please send in any pictures from today’s dedication from Hill 70, so we can consider them for the vehicle.

My Cousins parents are buried just up the road, its a beautiful sunny day, I think I will go pay them a visit and be with them for awhile.

This spectacular photo of the obelisk was taken by Hill 70 Memorial Project founder and chairman, Mark Hutchings.