Canadian Heroes

Governor General’s Award

Please join me to congratulate the Chair of our foundation Brent Schriner whom is to be awarded The Sovereigns Medal For Volunteers.

The Medal for Volunteers consists of a silver circular medal that is 36 mm in diameter with a suspension ring. The obverse depicts a contemporary effigy of the Sovereign, circumscribed with the inscription in capital letters of the Canadian Royal Title and the word “CANADA”, separated by two maple leaves.
The reverse indicates the ideas of caring and generosity, represented by two interlaced hearts. The sunburst pattern of the rim symbolizes the time that volunteers are giving and their actions. The ribbon uses the viceregal colours of blue and gold. The five gold stripes evoke the fingers of a hand, present in the Caring Canadian Award emblem, while the deep red colour is associated with royalty.
The design of medal was created by the Canadian Heraldic Authority, based on a concept by Darcy DeMarsico of the Chancellery of Honours. The medal is manufactured by the Royal Canadian Mint at its Ottawa facility.

Brent has volunteered thousands of hours of time and has traveled across Canada and to Europe even, all in the cause of Patriotism, love of country, honouring our fallen and serving. It seems like yesterday that he reached out looking to have his car wrapped and for it to become a memorial vehicle. I can still picture it clearly. Fast forward to today and Brent has earned an award only a selected few in Canada can claim.  Brent is a Patriot, and somebody that is always there to lend a hand and especially to the families of the fallen. We have shared more than a few tears over the years, our work has brought us to areas of humanity of intense pride and sorrow, the repatriations, services, and memorials that we have built over the years are for the ages to remember, moments that will forever be in Canadian history when we are long gone.  I personally want to thank Brent for his service to our Country as he is a currently serving member of our forces stationed in Germany.

I am proud to call you a friend.

Chris Ecklund
The Canadian Heroes Foundation