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Canadian Heroes Memorial Vehicle #9

This is Mike at his Great Friend Cpl. Aiden Tobin’s (R.I.P.) Grave in St. John’s, Newfoundland.
They served together with 3 PPCLI, CFB Esquimalt, Victoria, BC, Infantry School, CFB Gagetown, NB, Bosnia, and 2 PPCLI Winnipeg, Manitoba
Mike was also his best man at his wedding few yrs back.

Canadian Heroes Canadian Heroes Racing

Canadian Heroes Memorial Vehicle #9

Canadian Heroes Memorial Vehicle #9 in St. John’s.
Laying wreaths and flowers on my friends grave.
Rest in Peace Cpl. Aiden Tobin

Canadian Heroes Racing

Canadian Heroes Corvette at Speed!

Canadian Heroes Racing

Memorial Hood for Mark McLaren

Canadian Heroes Racing

Trans Am Double Header In Atlanta

This past weekend Ian Michael Patterson took his #74 Trans Am car down to Atlanta for a double header. We have first hand accounts from Ian on the races that we would like to share.

Nov 3, 2012

The Canadian Heroes car was an amazing ride today, the motor was back in action and the water temps stayed right at 180F for the entire race. The suspension was so perfect and settled I couldn’t even offer a suggestion on anything I would want to improve on with it (that is a *big* deal!). As I built up a good pace, gaining ground, I then looped the car in oil (one of a thousand pools of oil that were being leaked throughout the race) in Turn 10a, lost a lot of ground, and then went back to work making it back again.

I made it up to 6th place and kept putting down faster and faster lap times as we neared the end of the race, when my cockpit suddenly filled up with smoke heading into Turn 1. Having been on fire before, I immediately got the car off the track and bailed. Fortunately the smoke was just oil that hit the header when a valve cover oiler line physically tore out of my valve cover, threads and all, and sprayed all over under the hood. I had to run for a fire bottle to put out the brake fires that kept cropping up as rubber bits on the brakes and kept igniting, which with all the oil all over in there could have gotten a lot worse. So yes, Pat, it looks like I may never get away from being “Sparky”

Now the good news: since I got it locked down right away, the motor appears to be fine, and with it now fixed, I am set to start the second race tomorrow from 7th place, which I’m looking very forward to since I now have some laps under my belt. Two thumbs up to Gateway Racing for getting me out there this morning, and for once again getting me ready for the next day of racing like that! Better news to follow if all goes well tomorrow, fingers crossed!

Nov 4, 2012

· Started 6th (7th from yesterday’s finish, but Blaise didn’t run today)
· Ran out of talent on the first lap, wheel-hop spinning in 10a to drop from 5th to 17th.
· Ran the tires (and nerves!) off to finish 4th, one lap down, the last laps of which had made things very interesting as it started to rain.
· Have I got a story of the “little engine that could”… it was *still* running and pulling like brand new, as it has for an entire season, despite a distinct knock in the lower end for several races now, and even with my repeated attempts to grenade it today were unsuccessful… (did I mention running out of talent earlier? Yeah, well it doesn’t grow back right away once you have lost it, and I’ll just leave it at that).

Overall outcome:
· 2012 Trans Am “Rookie of the Year”!
· 5th Place overall!
· only rookie to place a podium finish in the Trans Am class this season!

Thanks so much to Gateway Racing for building, maintaining, fixing all that I destroy, and coaching someone that can best be described as an inner child run amok. You guys are the best!

Thank you to Canadian Heroes for letting me be a part of this tremendous organization to help pay tribute to those who have served and lost their lives defending our freedom, safety, and way of life. Please remember them and what they sacrificed, not only on Remembrance Day, but every day, and thank every veteran you meet for their service.

Finally, thank you to my wife and family for supporting this money-obliterating habit/addiction/obsession, in addition to the time that it often takes me away from them. I miss you and love you, so I am hurrying home now, see you soon!


Thank you Ian from Canadian Heroes, you did a fantastic job this season. We wish you continued success and can’t wait for next year!