Afghanistan is Falling

The Afghanistan humanitarian disaster continues to deepen, as the Taliban continues to advance and take over Afghanistan. The contractors and Interpreters that worked alongside our soldiers, well their own lives as one put it “Is a countdown of days not weeks..”
Two airplanes is all it would take, fly them direct to one of our bases and hold them there, just like we did during the Kosovo crisis, no different but much smaller and easier.
The Canadian Government should not be surprised to hear that a plan of operation is already underway to try to save the lives of these men AND women from falling into the hands of the Taliban.
A private jet is already being looked into and to have waiting on stand by at Kabul Airport in case it will fall, after Sept 11.
Safe houses in Afghanistan and other countries as well, are being looked into.
Private flights to countries where travel visas are not needed, all options are being looked into.
Action is needed, right now.