Canadian Heroes Racing

A night at the races

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Last night the Canadian Heroes 45 team was at Full Throttle Motor Speedway up in Varney, Ontario to complete a race that was postponed earlier in the year due to rain.

It was the 1st time that the team has been there, and a lot was learned about the track and the set up that was brought with the car.

It was another super hot day and Kevin our driver started to cramp up as he was getting dehydrated.

The last 2 races has been very tough on the field, a few cars never came because of damage and last night a few more had to retire as well due to mechanical issues. We hope everyone can get their cars repaired for next race the field is shrinking fast!

We qualified in 9th place to start the race, and finished the race moving up 3 spots in 6th place.

The team learned a lot last night and will put those lessons learned to the next time we return to this track.

We race in 2 weeks, our next race is in Peterborough, hope you can join us!