Coroner discovers cigarette burns and bruises on body of Canadian who fought ISIS

The body of a Canadian killed by ISIL six months ago was covered with cigarette burns and bruises, according to the autopsy report sent to the family by Global Affairs Canada.

The coroner who examined the remains in the northern Iraqi city Erbil last week concluded the wounds suggested that Nazzareno Tassone had been beaten and tortured with ropes and cigarettes.

But those familiar with the details believe it is more likely ISIL fighters mutilated his body after he was killed on Dec. 21 in Syria’s Raqqa province. Committing “outrages” on bodies is a war crime.

Tassone, 24, was one of the hundreds of international volunteers helping Kurdish forces battle ISIL. His body was recovered last month by Kurdish People’s Protection Units fighters.

His casket is in Erbil, awaiting final approval for the return trip to Ontario. The Canadian Heroes Foundation is planning to escort him from Toronto to his native Niagara Falls for burial.

The coroner’s graphic report is yet another testament to the depravity of ISIL. Former ISIL members have alleged the terrorist group had cut up corpses and dragged them behind vehicles.

According to the two-page autopsy report by Dr. Yasin Kareem Amin, Tassone died of internal bleeding, the result of a skull fracture caused by a “heavy, solid instrument to the head.”

The death certificate said he was killed “due to outside strike.” It is unclear whether he was struck with an object, hurt in an explosion or fell as ISIL captured his position. A Briton and three Kurds were also killed.

The autopsy report is striking for the long list of wounds noted by the coroner, from a broken rib and nose to bruises, “cigarette marks” and indications that his wrists had been bound.

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Dday June 6 1944

Today on this date in 1944 started the landings in France, this invasion years in the planning stages all came together for us as Canadians when we landed on Juno beach and other places inland by air.

It is also years later still that stories of loved ones lost and those that fought are being found out, cousins, uncles, grandfathers, etc…

Many Canadians might not even know that they had relations that where in the war, most of us are only aware of stories told to us, or those handed down by close family members.

It is only when we start to really explore our family ancestry tree that we find out about our other family members that a bigger picture starts to unfold.

For this writer, it begins the countdown of when he would lose his grandfather 6 weeks later when he was killed in action in Normandy.

Lets never forget those that made the ultimate sacrifice.

YPG Ceremony for Nazzareno Tassone

There was a ceremony for Canadian Hero Nazzareno Tassone (Heval Agir) yesterday, the following is from a speech given by one of his friends at the ceremony…

Serok Apo once said – “Those that forget about martyrs, who dont find any meaning in them and only talk about them – would accomplish nothing. Finding meaning in martyrs is not an interest in a dead person but rather means to imitate their struggle”

I first met Heval Agir in the training academy last year. He had chosen to come to Rojava because he truly believed in the democratic revolution that was inspired by Abdullah Ocalan. He was humbled by the heroic defence of Kobane by the men and women of the YPG and YPJ. From 2000 miles away in his own country of Canada – he watched a new dawn break in the Middle East. It was a revolution he was determined to join, so he travelled half the world to be with us here in Rojava.

Heval Agir had all the qualities that the YPG and YPJ expect from their fighters. He was kind, he was intelligent, he was brave and he understood exactly what the people of Rojava are fighting for – freedom, equality and justice – the cornerstones of Democratic Confederalism.

Heval Agir didnt just die fighting the enemies of Rojava, he died fighting the enemy of humanity. The Islamic State is nothing but a gang of fascists that want to subjugate the world, oppress women and indoctrinate children. The people of Rojava will never give into this tyranny, they will never again live in a society that denies them their basic human rights. They will never surrender to foreign powers – like Turkey – who want to colonize and export their own toxic brand of fascism into Syria.

The hearts of the International Volunteers and all the people of Rojava go out to Sehid Agirs mother and family. They have shown amazing strength and courage over the past few months. It was a priority of the YPG to find Sehid Agirs body and take it back from the ISIS thugs. It now goes back to Canada with honour and love. His spirit soars now and his name will live forever in the hearts of the Kurdish people.

I have a message now for the people of Canada, who should be so proud of their fallen son. Naz is an example of everything Canada can be proud of. He was an internationalist that believed in democracy and equality. The Government of Canada must take up the banner and rifle that Naz has dropped. Let Naz show Canada that they can do something about ISIS, that they can liberate the thousands of Yazidi girls taken by the Islamic State, Canada must send the YPG the support it needs to destroy ISIS and restore peace to Syria.

I will close my eulogy with one final message. Kurdistan, Rojava, all the peoples of Syria – the men and women of the International Volunteers are with you. Dont be sad that Sehid Agir has fallen, but instead celebrate his life and share in his joy of being with his brothers and sisters in the YPG and YPJ.

We will never forget the words of Ocalan, we will remember you Heval Agir…

Sehid Namirin

From Canadian Heroes- We hopefully expect his body back in Canada in the next week or so now….

Repatriations of our fallen heroes

Over the years we have received numerous messaging about the repatriations of our fallen heroes and how people can be involved in them. Well you have most likely heard how Canadians have come out and lined the bridges and waved their flags and presented their signs of support for the family as they pass below. Two years ago we organized the longest repatriation in recent history, with over 100 vehicles and thousands of citizens on the bridges when John Gallagher came home.

Within the next 2 weeks we will be faced with the extreme honour again as we repatriate fallen hero Nazzareno Tassone.

This is your chance to come out and participate, do your service as a Canadian, show the family your love and support for their fallen son, that answered the call to join the fight against terrorism, and in turn made the ultimate sacrifice.

Start to spread the word amongst family, friends, schools and workplace, the repatriation will take place within the next two weeks likely timeline of May 22-June5th.

The route will be from Toronto to Niagara Falls via the QEW.

Fallen Hero Nazzareno Tassone Is Coming Home

After 5 months of waiting and wondering the Tassone family can now finally have some closure as the YPG has recovered their sons body and the repatriation process is slowly underway.

We will be assisting in the repatriation like we did before at the request of the family.

The dates and times are not known at this time, but we will update this page as the information becomes available.

At this point we can tell you the following:

UPDATED June 9 2017- Body is on-route to Canada, repatriation is tentatively set for Wednesday June 14th. This date though could change as further details come available we will update to the exact schedule.

UPDATED MAY 17 2017 3:18pm, 9:10 pm.

UPDATED MAY 18 2017 7pm- Consulate officials called us today with an update on things and they are pretty much at the same point as yesterday.

UPDATED- May 22- Body has now crossed the Iraq Border at the Semalka border crossing  at Faysh Khabur, on route to Erbil Iraq.

UPDATED May 24, body is now in Erbil, Iraq at Funeral home for preparation for flight back to Canada.

UPDATED May 29, Global Affairs just called again, we are making some progress, but nothing substantial to report yet, we should know more as far as a schedule within a few days.

Repatriation Start Point: MacKinnon & Bowes, 2 Meridian Road, Toronto.

The repatriation will be led by motorcycle escort provided by the North Wall Riders, followed by two Canadian Hero Memorial Vehicles which will be making the trip to Toronto, CH#1 will be driven by Silver Cross Mother Anna Loveman, and CH#6 driven by Silver Cross Mother Valerie McGrady, Hearse, Limousines with family members and members of the Kurdish Community and their vehicles.

End Point: St.Andrews Church, Morrison and Stanley Road, Niagara Falls.

Plans are being made for a service/cremation/burial/reception to follow, all are invited.

The public is invited to line the bridges and welcome our hero home.

Please direct any questions about the repatriation by email to us at: