A new addition to Canadian Heroes Memorial Vehicle #10

The names of the fallen in Afghanistan have been added to this truck bed cap on CH#10.

Robin has made an incredible addition to CH#10, with the names of the fallen on the truck bed cap, make sure you take a look if you see him, I challenge you to read each and every name of our fallen heroes….

Computer Equipment Donation to Iroquois Falls Library

Boxing up computer equipment that is heading to Iroquois Falls Library!

We are celebrating Victoria Day tonight by boxing up computer equipment that city councillor Betty Lou Purdon (Mother of Veteran of Afghanistan and Kuwait) from Iroquois Falls will be coming to pickup up in the morning and taking back home. Monitors, Mice, and Keyboards will all find a new home and be put to good use by the residents of Iroquois Falls, Ontario. Further donations will be ready for her next visit as well!

A Potential Retreat Property in Newfoundland

In just a few hours time ( 3am) the alarm will ring and away to the airport they go!

On Monday May 14 2018 volunteers will gather together and meet up with a guide that will take them to see a very promising property in Newfoundland that could serve as our next retreat property.

This is isolated and is exactly what the Doctor ordered!

Not only is it away from everyone, but I think it may be the only cabin on the entire lake!

We should know after this if it will suit our needs, cross your fingers everyone!