Highway of Heroes Repatriation set for Nazzareno Tassone

A Highway of Heroes repatriation will be conducted for fallen hero Nazzareno Tassone this coming Wednesday June 21 2017.

All are invited once again to line the bridges between Toronto and Niagara Falls, wave your flags, and show your support to the family.

For those that would like to join the repatriation, form up is at MacKinnon & Bowes, 2 Meridian Road, Toronto, Ont.

Please have a Canadian window flag on your car to identify yourself for the repatriation.

If you are on a motorcycle please report to the road Captain of the North Wall riders that will be leading the procession.

The repatriation will be lead by the North Wall riders, followed by Canadian Heroes Memorial Vehicles, Hearse and Limousines, followed by members of the Kurdish Community and then the general public.

We will leave at 10am sharp.

Here is a picture of the route from the start in Toronto to the 401 westbound.

Route will be  via the 401, 403, QEW, 420 to St. Andrews United Church in Niagara Falls at 5645 Morrison Street.

Estimated times of repatriation are as follows:

Mississauga-10:15 am





St.Catharines 11:30am

Niagara Falls 11:45am.

These are estimated times for those that would like to line a bridge to show support for the family.

If you are in Niagara Falls, we will be coming on to the 420 to Stanley Avenue, then turning left to Morrison and left on Morrison to the church.

Service will be at 1pm in the church followed by burial.

A reception will follow, all are welcome.

This page will be the official page of the repatriation, and will be updated with any and all details.  Please make sure that you update your records to reflect same.

Coroner confirms identity of Nazzareno Tassone

We just received a call from the mother that the coroners office has confirmed the identity of her son.

We can now start to make plans for his repatriation to Niagara Falls from Toronto.

He will receive a “Highway of Heroes” repatriation from Toronto to Niagara Falls on Wednesday June 21 2017.

For those that would like to join the repatriation, form up at MacKinnon & Bowes, 2 Meridian Road, Toronto,Ont.

We will leave at 10am sharp.

Full details of repatriation can be found here: https://www.canadianheroes.com/highway-heroes-repatriation-set-nazzareno-tassone/

Service will be at 1pm in the church followed by burial.

A reception will follow, all are welcome.

Nazzareno Tassone has returned home to Canada

Last night at Pearson Airport Turkish Airlines Flight 17 pulled up to the gate at Terminal 1 with what we hope to be the body of Nazzareno Tassone.

The long repatriation began in Syria to Iraq then to Istanbul and finally to Toronto.

The family was there waiting and 5 hours later were able to see his casket.

We still do not know at this time if it is their son, initial reports that came in first from Iraq authorities did not in any way match the identity of their son.

In hindsight I am glad that we asked for dental records from the family, I had a feeling that this might happen or that the remains may not be identifiable without them.

There was also some difference in how it was reported that he died and the wounds he suffered as well.

Because of this we suggested that the Coroners Office in Toronto be engaged, in order to give the family the confidence and closure that they so desperately need at this time.

It has been almost 6 months since it was reported that he died fighting ISIS just a few days before Christmas on the 21st of December 2016.

We will now wait for the Coroners report, more to follow on his repatriation. that will hopefully take place this Wednesday from Toronto to Niagara Falls.

All are invited to take part in the repatriation itself or by lining the bridges on his final journey home.

The route will be from MacKinnon & Bowes, 2 Meridian Road, Toronto via the 401/403/QEW to St. Andrews United Church in Niagara Falls at 5645 Morrison Street.

There will be a short church service followed immediately by burial at Fairview Cemetery beside the church and then a reception in the gymnasium which is attached to the church.




Dundurn Air Show

This weekend we are at the Dundurn Air Show which is just outside of Saskatoon, if you are around stop by and say hello!

Canadian Heroes Memorial Vehicles 8,10 and 12 are together for the first time as well a historical event!

This weekend the event is a salute to our Armed Forces- Canada Remembers.

Coroner discovers cigarette burns and bruises on body of Canadian who fought ISIS

The body of a Canadian killed by ISIL six months ago was covered with cigarette burns and bruises, according to the autopsy report sent to the family by Global Affairs Canada.

The coroner who examined the remains in the northern Iraqi city Erbil last week concluded the wounds suggested that Nazzareno Tassone had been beaten and tortured with ropes and cigarettes.

But those familiar with the details believe it is more likely ISIL fighters mutilated his body after he was killed on Dec. 21 in Syria’s Raqqa province. Committing “outrages” on bodies is a war crime.

Tassone, 24, was one of the hundreds of international volunteers helping Kurdish forces battle ISIL. His body was recovered last month by Kurdish People’s Protection Units fighters.

His casket is in Erbil, awaiting final approval for the return trip to Ontario. The Canadian Heroes Foundation is planning to escort him from Toronto to his native Niagara Falls for burial.

The coroner’s graphic report is yet another testament to the depravity of ISIL. Former ISIL members have alleged the terrorist group had cut up corpses and dragged them behind vehicles.

According to the two-page autopsy report by Dr. Yasin Kareem Amin, Tassone died of internal bleeding, the result of a skull fracture caused by a “heavy, solid instrument to the head.”

The death certificate said he was killed “due to outside strike.” It is unclear whether he was struck with an object, hurt in an explosion or fell as ISIL captured his position. A Briton and three Kurds were also killed.

The autopsy report is striking for the long list of wounds noted by the coroner, from a broken rib and nose to bruises, “cigarette marks” and indications that his wrists had been bound.

File from Stewart Bell-National Post.