The Juno Beach Centre

The Juno Beach Centre

Take some time and pay a visit to the Juno Beach Centre’s website, look through their pictures, read the stories, like their face book page.

The story and driving force behind the Juno Beach Centre was Mr. Garth Webb.

We were honoured to attend the funeral and service when he passed, we attended with two of our memorial vehicles and listened to the stories told by family and friends.

The minister at the church in Burlington spoke in such a manner and tone it added to the overall feeling that this was a great man that we just lost.

Some of the stories that were told had people laughing, it was a great send off to a great Canadian Hero.

One thing that greatly upset us was that there were no Government Officials present that spoke and no letters read from Government Officials thanking him for his service to his Country and for being the driving force behind the Juno Beach Centre.

Afterwards we attended a reception in the church and we were approached by somebody that asked if we could drive home a vet to Mississauga that did not have enough money for cab fare.

Of course we said we would and gave him a ride back home.

Once we arrived at his condo he invited us upstairs and showed us his pictures of his war time enlistment. After a brief visit we said our farewells and went home, I often wonder how he is and what became of him.