Memorial waterfall illumination in honour of Cst. David Matthew Wynn

We will be hosting a waterfall illumination in red in honour of RCMP Cst.Wynn Monday night at 8-9pm EST at Sherman Falls in Hamilton. For details on how to get there please visit the City of Waterfalls website at

Some special notes on this illumination, on a recon of the area today we suggest that you use the path on the left side of the river, the path on the right side is extremely icy. We will also have some lamps up on the trail leading in to aid your footing. When you come in on the path you will note the lamps will actually be off to the side of the trail, follow them and stay off the clear ice. If you see snow or leaves, then you have good footing underneath.

Wear proper footwear, don’t dress like you are going to the mall.

As usual we are asking for a food donation for the foodbank.