Special Red Friday Memorial Waterfall illumination

In our series of Red Friday Memorial waterfall illuminations tomorrow’s event will carry an extra special meaning for all of us as we honour one of our own from Hamilton Cpl. Nathan Frank Cirillo along with Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent.

We will illuminate Albion Falls with 70 of our spotlamps in red with the lights on command being given approx 7pm.

We are asking Hamiltonians and all Canadians to bring or make a monetary donation through our paypal account on our website, as we will establish a trust fund for Cpl. Cirillo’s son.

Directions to albion falls can be found through the City of Waterfalls website click here for them  http://www.cityofwaterfalls.ca/albionfalls.html

There are 5 parking lots in the area around Albion Falls, car pool if possible.

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A poem from Roger Borchert

Written in thoughts of our Canada, which I have loved all my life, and in thoughts of two Canadian soldiers who lost their lives this tragic week standing so very proudly to keep her strong. Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent and Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, for your families, loved ones, friends, and fellow soldiers please know we hold you near and dear our hearts. May you R.I.P. We Will Remember You

As heart beats pound so heavily
In hearts across our land
Where a world’s children envy
Try to come here if they can
Where all that’s good
Fuels the smiles
As they come to join, unite
In a land where freedom
Blossoms forth
A nation built with freedom’s hand
While our world has spawned a sickness
A cancer if you will
Found by some who’ve come to bask
In freedom’s brightest sun
They’ve enjoyed the learning
The easy times
But never truly felt
The true beauty that our nation holds
What Canada’s all about
It’s freedom found from sea to sea
Purged in a love for a world strong
For it finds its charge
In rescued souls
Where a world could all belong
We are a nation, a collage they say
That welcomes everyone
And today we may have witnessed what
May close the door to those to come
This week a tarnish, soiled by terror
Left stains of tears now shed
But glistening forth, found in pride
For those who’ve stood
Are now struck down
Oh Canada, Oh Canada
Be not disheartened by the few
Who never saw the vision placed
Up in front within their view
Although raised Canadian
They never grasped the light
The glow that lights our nation strong
Placed within their sight
Oh precious are our soldiers
Who stand to make it so
A great and wondrous Canada
Where a world would love to go
When visions light is darkened
It is you who hold the torch
That lights that spark within us
Held near and dear our hearts
We thank you for your strength displayed
Thank you for your presence of mind
That held you close
To our nation strong
To ease our worried minds

Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent and Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, you, your fellow soldiers and all your military families are our strength, our light, as we go forth into today’s such dangerous world. Thank You. We will remember.

By Roger Borchert
The Borchert Family

First Responders-The Inner Battle Film Documentary

We just finished a meeting with the film producers behind the new documentary on first responders and the battle that they have with PTSD.

The documentary will be called ” First Responders, the Inner Battle.”

The filming/interviewing for the documentary will be done in Ontario, the crew will travel maybe a day at the most due to budget constraints, so basically southern Ontario, and are looking for people to tell their stories as to what happened to themselves in relation to their battle with PTSD.

More will be revealed shortly, but till then spread the word Canada, and if you have a story to tell please think about it and if you want to share it.

Contact details to follow shortly.