We would like to honour Corporal Steve Martin

4 years ago today we lost another hero,Corporal Steve Martin. For us as we made the all to usual trip to the coroners office in Toronto, it was also a day that I will remember as I took my young daughter there as well to pay our respects to him. Below are some videos of that day, some from us and others, thanks for taking them, RIP Corporal Martin.

Corporal Steve Martin
Age: 24
Home Town: St-Cyrille-de-Wendover, Quebec
Unit: 3rd Bataillon, Royal 22e Regiment
Deceased: December 18, 2010
Incident: Improvised explosive device, Panjwayi District, Afghanistan


Canadian Soldier surprises his daughter for Christmas

This was sent to us today….grab the kleenex…:)

My  husband is in 3rd battalion, The royal Canadian regiment. He has been gone for 31/2 months to Poland, On OP Reassurance.  Tonight he surprised our 3 1/2 year old daughter and our 8 month old son by arriving at my mothers house dressed as Santa.  My daughter was so shocked and so happy to see her daddy! His name is Orion Kenneth Kruse , He is currently a corporal and he has been in the military for 10 years. He joined when he was 19 years old. He has done service in Afghanistan for 9 months . He was also in the honor guard parade in the changing in the colour that happened in Toronto with Prince Phillip. His regiment is 3 The Royal Canadian Regiment. He was also at Vimy ridge for the 100th remembrance day parade. He left for Poland on sept 22nd, my son was 6 months old and has barely seen his daddy. This is a big deal for my family because my children have barely seen or talked to their father. My daughter has no idea what is going to happen. I just want to be able to give my daughter something that she desperately wants for Christmas.. and that is her daddy. She was very disappointed to find that her daddy isn’t home yet and is also a tad worried that santa will forget to drop daddy off at Grammies out (My mothers house). My husband, amongst many others, is a very hard working member of Canada’s National Defense. He goes out of his way for others, Puts his fellow soldiers before needs of his own. I thought that this story would touch others hearts and would give those wives or families that miss their families hope that they will be making it home for Christmas. Please watch the attached video.


Red Friday at Charles C. McLean Public School on Manitoulin Island.

We just received this letter from a school teacher up on Manitoulin Island, let me tell you if our Country had teachers like her coast to coast we would all be better for it!
Well done Heather, Canada thanks you keep up the excellent work!
Good Morning!
Please find attached a photo of today’s Red Friday Event at Charles C. McLean Public School on Manitoulin Island.  
Again this year my Grade 4/5 class has sent 35 Flat Stanleys to serving military members at 15 Canadian Forces Bases across Canada.  These CAF members agree to be penpals with a student for the entire year, and they share their jobs and their lives with my students through letters, e-mails and photos featuring a Flat Stanley in uniform.  In addition, my class adopted the 12 Canadians working with OP Soprano at the United Nations Mission to South Sudan, and we sent them special boxes of “treats” for the Christmas Season.
My class and I asked our entire school to wear red this Friday, to help us show our support for our penpals, as well as all Canadians serving both at home and on deployment.  Our school answered our “Red Friday Challenge”, and massed in the gym this morning for this photo.  Our Christmas wish for all our military members is for “Peace on Earth”, so that they could be home with the people they love every day of the year.
Heather Jefkins
Grade 4 / 5  Teacher
C.C. McLean P.S.
Gore Bay
Red Friday
Students in Gore Bay honouring our troops on Red Friday.

A Special Red Friday today in remembrance of the lives lost of the 101st Airborne here in Canada

On the morning of Thursday, 12 December 1985, shortly after takeoff from Gander Newfoundland en route to Fort Campbell Kentucky, 248 members of the 101st Airborne and 8 crew members were killed, when the DC-8 they were in crashed shortly after take off.

They were on their final leg of a long journey home from Cairo Egypt after a long 6 month peace keeping mission.

Tonight we will illuminate Sherman Falls in Hamilton in red in their memory.

Below are some pictures, the last 11 pictures Brent took when CH#8 made the long trek cross-country to Newfoundland.

Today CH#9 will travel to the memorial to pay our respects, and CH#1 and CH#8 will be in Hamilton for the memorial waterfall illumination in red.

To this date it is the largest loss of life in Canada due to a plane crash, our thoughts and prayers are with the families as we remember them.